Love God, Love People; Grow in Him; Go Make Disciples


What it entails:  Running the computer program for announcements, pre-service countdown, worship, Coffee with Jesus, and closing announcements.  Playing pre-service, coffee break and post-service music, and recording attendance.  You need to be able to be focused on the task and follow the worship leader and sermon notes for prompt slide transitions.  

Who to contact about ProPresenter: Pastor Debbie or Susan Bradow


What it entails:  Assisting in cleaning the entire church weekly as the facilities ministry leader directs.  Who to contact about cleaning:  Warren Goggleye, 218.360.9405


What it entails:  Make coffee for two coffee stations and tear them down for Sunday morning services.  Who to contact about hospitality:  Pastor Debbie

Facebook Live

What it entails:  Starting Facebook Live at the end of pre-service countdown, stopping FB Live following announcements so it is off for coffee break, turning all lights on following announcements, re-starting 
FB Live after coffee break countdown and stopping FB Live following the service before post-service prayer starts at the altar.  
Who to contact about FB Live: Pastor Debbie

​Pre-Service Set Up/Usher

What it entails:  Arriving at church early on Sundays to straighten chairs, fill bulletins, fill offering envelopes, fill and straighten Connect and Prayer cards, fill candy dishes, wash tables, wash trays, wash coffee stations, fill cups, flat wear, napkins, teas, sugars, etc.  Turn lights on in Noah Room and straighten up.  Be available to the pastors to take on any task that they may need attended to.  

Who to contact about pre-service set up:  Pastor Debbie

Late Foyer Greeter

​What it entails:  Remaining in the foyer through the first worship song to greet and seat any people entering church after service has started.  You MUST have a cheery, outgoing disposition and be able to help people find an open place to sit, be sure they have a bulletin and if it is communion Sunday, that they have communion elements.  Who to contact about late foyer greeting:  Pastor Debbie

JC Kids' Club

What it entails:  Assisting the JCKC leader in the JC Kids' Club area following worship including check in and check out of children.  You must also be able to submit to the JCKC leader and assist her in any way she needs, and be a support to her.  Please note:  You must have attended ALC-P for at least six months, have pastor approval, and pass a background check to work with JCKC.

Who to contact about JCKC:  Pastors Bill or Debbie   

The Noah Room

What it entails:  Loving on babies and toddlers following worship in The Noah Room, playing with them, doing age-appropriate Jesus story readings or singing Jesus songs, etc.  Please note:  You must have attended ALC-P for at least six months, have pastor approval, and pass a background check to work in The Noah Room.  Who to contact about Noah Room:   Pastors Bill or Debbie   

Noah Room Cleaning

What it entails:  Cleaning the toys that have been used each week, disinfecting the room, wiping down the chairs, etc.  ​Who to contact about Noah Room cleaning:  Pastor Debbie


What it entails:  Coming pre-service for worship practice 8:00ish and adjust the sound for practice and run it for the service.  Set up mics and learn the turn on and shut down procedures for the sound system and troubleshoot sound issues.  Who to contact about sound:  Pastor Bill

Prayer Team 

What it entails:  Attending prayer on Sundays at 9 a.m., and being able to pray when a need comes to the prayer chain via email.  Please note:  Prayer team members must keep all requests confidential at all times.  Who to contact about prayer:  Cindy McIntyre

Congregant Transport

​​What it entails:  Picking up people and bringing them to church and returning them home.  Please note:  Men driving alone may NOT pick up a single woman and women driving alone may NOT pick up a single man.  Couples or groups of 2 or more people are welcome to pick up single people.
Who to contact about driving: 
Pastors Bill or Debbie

Can you help? These are ways to serve at Cornerstone Church Pengilly

There are lots of ways to serve at Cornerstone Church!