Love God, Love People; Grow in Him; Go Make Disciples

Iron Range Renewal

Final Worship Event for the Summer

Our summer worship events are an offering to set aside our time and our hearts, calling out to God to transform us to do His will. The church must be about the business of our Father God, who has called each individual to take on the heart and attitude of Jesus, to walk as Jesus walked, and to make disciples of Jesus Christ. May we break down every stronghold, every division, and every barricade of sin in the name of Jesus Christ. Without Jesus we are nothing and can do nothing. Please join us in prayer for the Power and Presence of God to be known on the Iron Range and surrounding regions! Churches across our area have united under the banner of Jesus, because He truly has the power to change all things for His good. We continue to pray for UNITY in Jesus Christ.

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September 4 at 10 am for fellowship and coffee followed by Sunday morning service at 11 am

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Awakening the church regionally through prayer and worship; renewing our commitment to Jesus Christ,

to love God most, to love others, be transformed, live renewed, and make disciples! 

Romans 12:2, John 15:12-17