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ALC-P prayerfully supports about 54 missionaries stateside, nationwide and worldwide.  We highlight them each week.


Missionary Moment

Richard Baker


MN Youth



Please pray for Joanne Oftedahl, missionary to the Philippines.  She has a serious eye disease and has just recently been able to travel to get some treatment after several months of not being able to.  She is also not able to get back home at this time because the borders have been closed due to Covid.  Please pray for continued healing and that she would be able to return to her home.


Please pray for Rachelle Colgrove (wife of Greg who serves with Convoy of Hope/Rural Compassion) who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. 


Bill Adamson

is the NE MN

Area Rep

for Fellowship

of Christian Athletes


 Please remember our missionaries/ministries in prayer.  

They are on the front lines, sometimes in unsafe areas,

bringing God's Word and love to the World. 

Please pray for Phil (Denise) Reed, missionaries to Ukraine.  Phil has been diagnosed with Lymphoma (specifically diffuse large B-cell lymphoma).  This cancer is aggressive and fast growing, but also responds well to treatment.  He is in Iowa undergoing 6 rounds, each three weeks of chemotherapy.  He and Denise are in good spirits and are trusting God.  Phil states:  "the same God that I have served for 51 years has never failed me and I know that where He leads me His grace is always sufficient".    Please pray for Phil's healing. ​​