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What is a Quiet Time?

Quiet Time Form
Scripture you're reading today
Best Verse (the verse that stood out to you the most in your reading today)
Best verse in your own words
Ask questions.  Is there:

_____ a command to obey?  What?

_____ a promise to claim?  What?

_____ a sin to avoid?  What?

_____ an application to make?  What?

_____ something new you learned about God?  What?

Emphasize key words or phrases

What does this passage say about God?

What does this passage say about people?

With God’s help how will obey His Word?

Who will I share this with today?


Want a Quiet Time Form emailed to you so you can print it and use it every day?   Fill out a request here, and we will send it over to you. 

​Read the Bible daily (like reading through the One Year Bible with us here),

or read whatever passages God is directing you to, and spend extended time with the Him by answering the questions below.  The purpose is to make the Word of God come alive

in you and allow Him to speak to you as you dig into the Bible rather than just making

it a ritual you simply cross off your list for the day.  Let His Word transform you!